We cannot live without water is a well known fact. However, not enough attention is paid to the quality of water that we consume, other than the concern for cleanliness. But optimum health requires more than cleanliness from the water we drink.
Oxygen is the fuel of life – the more you have of it, the better your body functions, and the healthier you are. Most of us think that we only take oxygen in through the air, but actually oxygen that is dissolved in water offers a much more direct route to our cells. Oxygen in our drinking water can reach the blood in 30 seconds; the brain in one minute; the skin in 10 minutes; and the liver, heart and kidneys in 20 minutes!

Living Energy water offers abundant oxygen that is readily available to your cells. It also augments the oxygen you inhale which is especially helpful if you breathe poor quality air or if aging or poor health have slowed down your oxygen uptake.

Living Energy Water hydrates your body at the cellular level, even with all the compromises of aging. Therefore the starting point for any Anti-Aging protocol is correctly energy-structured hydration; everything else follows. Research increasingly shows that Living Energy Water seems to be the most powerful hydrating agent available; regenerating cells, regulating heart rate, neutralizing toxins, and raising cellular energy.

How does the concentrate work?

Our water is not actually a concentrate, it is amplified. Our water’s vibrational frequency is amplified similarly to a tuning fork that gets louder the higher its vibrational amplitude is. Our 1.69oz bottles spend days getting amplified, and thus can transfer their characteristics to other water just like a vibrating tuning fork can make a still quiet one begin to vibrate and sing without having to touch it.

Does Revitalized water address EMF radiation?

When the body’s cells are performing the way, they should with the tools they need, like proper biologically active water, it can defend its self from ubiquitous dangers like EMF and other toxins, including pathogens, toxic metabolites, chemicals found in food like herbicides/pesticides, and air pollution.


You’ll never look at water the same!