Dear PureWellness,

  I think your “Living Energy” water sustained me on my 4-hr drive home to State College after the conference – I was SO tired and left Maryland around 7:45pm, fully expecting to struggle the whole way home to stay awake, but I kept sipping the water that had been “revitalized” by you and I remained alert the whole way.  Amazing!  I look foward to reading all the articles you sent.  Thanks for your prompt response!

Kind regards,

Tania M. Slawecki
Research Associate
Materials Research Institute
105 Materials Research Lab
Assistant Professor, Science, Technology & Society
102 Old Botany Building
University Park, PA  16802
Center for Sustainability


Dear PureWellness,

Again, many thanks for the Revitalized water. I have been using it as an additive for some time and I find that it does appear to increase my sense of energy and vitality when I take it regularly as an additive to my spring water. Other homeopathic practitioners whom I have talked with have added it to homeopathic remedies whit a significant increase in the remedy’s effectiveness on patients. I would recommend it to anyone who is either fatigued or interested in improving their level of hydration and their general health and well being.

With warmest regards, Richard Gerber, M.D.
(Richard Gerber, M.D., is the author of Vibrational Medicine)


Dr. PureWellness,

Thank you so much for sending the water. The swelling in my ankles went down with in 3 days. I can breath easier and I have more energy. I am telling everyone that will listen.


Dear PureWellness,
Yes you have my permission to use my testimonial about how your water concentrate has helped me with my OCD. I do have to drink every day, which is just fine with me because it helped my back pain anyway. For me after I got re-hydrated then the water would work almost immediately to aleve my OCD systems. I think that with stress being so prevalent in my life and seeing that stress is so much a part of OCD that somehow the water would restore whatever body functions that I need to remain calm again. Maybe a gland or something.

Thank you very much,
Robbert Amundson Jr.

 “In 1998 I was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer. I was in constant extreme pain. I under went chemotherapy and one radiation session to no avail. My condition continued to deteriorate. At this time I began my search for a practitioner of alternative treatments.
In July of 1999 my prayers were answered and I was introduced to the product to which I owe my life – Living Energy Structured Water. On my initial ingestion, I felt a warming sensation in my stomach. Within 2 weeks I began to feel a re-energizing in my entire body. After two months of drinking this solution, I was practically pain free. To this date my pain has been alleviated and my cancer has been in remission from further growth. Thank you Dr. Nahotkin… your Structured Water had done amazing thing for me.”

Mrs. Anna Bittman, Brooklyn, NY

Dear PureWellness,

My family can never thank you enough for your invaluable help. You will recall out daughter Nicole, then only 6 months old, had been uncomfortable since birth. She was crying all of the time… never sleeping, no appetite, and having trouble with elimination. She was inconsolable, as were we.
From the time she was given Living Energy Structured Water, she fell asleep and slept for 21/2 hours. Longer than she had ever slept! After one week of Structured Water out Nicole developed a healthy appetite, regularity in elimination and sleeping habits, and has become a smiling and pleasurable infant of almost 13 months. Your Structured Water has changed out family’s life… Nothing short of a miracle!!!”

Ruslana Kachay, Baltimore, MD

“I have been using Living Energy Structured water for almost one year now, and have never felt better. I am 23 and work as a physical therapist in a nursing home for the elderly. One year ago, I developed an acute case of acne for no apparent reason. My doctor reasoned that some bacteria might have transferred to me during a therapy session. Needless to say, I was devastated… As a young single woman, my life was now altered beyond imagination… I became reclusive and lost all of my self-esteem…
You have given my life back to me… Just one week after starting on your regimen of Living Energy Structured Water, the toxins in my body water purged and my acne started to disappear… after two weeks the acne was gone completely… Not to mention the increase in energy and renewed zest for life. Truly, you have given me a new life… God Bless you.

Alina Gutman, Brooklyn, NY

Dear PureWellness,
“My wife and I have enjoyed a life centered on physical activity. I wanted to take opportunity to comment on our reaction to your Living Energy Structured Water. Hydration is always a problem in any athletic endeavor, and even more pronounced for those that require excessive endurance. We have been using the Revitalized water now for almost 5 months, and we both have noticed a significant increase in out stamina and a decrease in out overall recovery time. As we both maintain full-time jobs as well as family responsibilities, this allows us to actually increase out physical intensity with out compromising out other obligations. We heartily recommend this product to athletes and all who want to increase their energy level and insure that they are adequately hydrated and oxygenated.

Yours truly,”

Seva & Zoya Davidson, Staten Island, NY

Dear PureWellness,
Thank you so much. Your water has been such a blessing.
I was seriously ill for three days after a fall. I was constipated, ached all over, and felt like I was dying.
The water that I ordered from you came in the mail.  I drank about 1/3 of a bottle of concentrate and then two glasses of it mixed with water.  In twenty minutes I was fine.   Then my daughter Debbie came into the house with a migraine. I gave her some of your water and her headache disappeared.
All I can say is “Praise the Lord.”
Marlene Quinn
Ps. Feel free to use my story.

By far the most impressive product i have ever come by in my search for something to bring back the quality of life i had when i was young.
My name is Bryan,I was diagnosed with seizure’s over 10 years ago & have undergone more than 13 different drug therapy’s in the hope to live a normal life as before the onset of my disability.I was told of Living Energy Structured Water as well as specialty water’s that are on the market today so i decided i would try the Biogenic Activator.
I was amazed at how i felt the benefits from this replaced hydro plasma put back into my bottled water using there Anti Entropy Technology.I was more alert energized & even with all the sedatives i was taking for the first time in along time i was able to enjoy my day with out the worries of being sick.Since the day i had my 1st glass of Living Energy biogenic water my health is better im no longer on all the medications i was taking before & I’m happy to say i went from 5 medications a day down to only 2 that i take when needed.
I want to thank the people at Purewellness for making my quality of life a better one & on top of that now my family is drinking this water everyday as well I’m happy to say I’m noticing better health in my grandma(who has diabetes)& also was in & out of the hospital from a very invasive surgery in 5 days & in great condition.Her Dr. said”I’ve never seen anyone recover so fast from this operation,It takes at least another 3 days to go home after this surgery…but you all set to go home now”(just to let you all know my grandma is 72 yrs young).
In summation Living Energy water  has made me feel like a kid again & i wont go a day with out my water,i recommend you try it for yourself & reap the rewards of a better healthier way of living.
yours truly
Bryan from california

Dear PureWellness,

Your Living Energy Biogenic Activator has improved not only my health but also the health of those around me.

The most dramatic and immediate affect was on a nearly dead poisoned rodent which I found in my kitchen. The poor creature stood in front of my refrigerator twitching uncontrollably, looking down, and not even noticing me.  He was clearly near death, and I hated to see him suffer.

I offered him a teaspoon of the Living Energy  Biogenic Activator. He appeared to be unable to move. The only part of him which moved was his tongue, as he quickly lapped up the concentrate. I then gave him a tablespoon of Living Energy water.  As I placed the spoon in the sink I saw him blinking his eyes, rubbing his face with his paws, and looking around the room as if he were waking up from a sleep.

I quickly picked him up by his tail and carried him to the nearby wooded area around the corner from my house. I set him down, and he scampered up into the bushes!

Your product is truly amazing!!!

Joseph Quinn
San Rafael, California

From Dr. Pearl LaPerla, AMD, Renowned Epidemiologist,
Consultant to PleoSanum Homeopathics, Dark Field  Microscopist

Dear PureWellness,

My son wrote the following for you to use.  Keep in touch with him. He is about to start Navy seals this Friday and I am sure he will be in even more strenuous situations.  I am going to Korea next week.


From the U.S.S. Kaufmann

Dr. PureWellness,

“Under the most strenuous working conditions on the planet,
your Living Energy Water kept me and my men hydrated like nothing else.
  Living Energy Water helped to keep both our minds and bodies sharp and ready for action.”

Lieutenant Junior Grade, Matt Miller,US Navy
U.S.S. Kaufmann


December 12, 2006

My name is John Janssen, my wife Helen has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and as a result had a lack of oxygen to her brain causing small seizures. The doctor prescribed using an CPAP System (oxygen machine) at night which produced immediate results.

A short time later we were introduced by a friend to the Living Energy Water Biogenic Activator, and Helen started using that in all her drinking water in January 2006.

When we were traveling  across the USA in an RV this summer and we were in areas that have high humidity the mask from the CPAP System became very uncomfortable and Helen would take the mask off during the night, and slept reasonably well without it. And for the last few months has not used the machine at all.

We were told when she started using the Biogenic Activator that would most likely be the case because the Bio-genic Activator would supply the missing oxygen to her brain without the use of artificial means.

We have seen the video on your new website and were very impressed with the results demonstrated. I myself at the age of 72 lead a very active life and am convinced that I will increase my energy by taking the activator on a regular bases.