I am looking for some RESELLERS  and DISTRIBUTORS, to join us in leading the way into VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE ie. Energy Field Therapy.

We are opening up foreign countries and you could position yourself to override the sales of an entire country. Interested?

The product is LIVING REVITALIZED WATER ACTIVATOR...there is no product even close to this in the World.  Life Force Energy Infused! Balances out all BAD energy, such as Microwave Radiation i.e. Cell Towers and Phones, Smart Meters, Wifi's etc.!!  And much much more with the vibrational frequencies the Biogenic Activator resonates.

Its mind blowing the tremendous changes in the condition and function of ALL the blood cells!
We are talking, life changing results, those afflicted by any disease, as well as the performance and endurance of physical activity or competition.

No financial investment required to earn residual royalty income! The more well connected you are, the better you will do, however you could do quite well with one contact in one foreign country i.e. override all the sales in that country or simply be a Reseller in your community or online media family.

For more info on the opportunity associated with this Biogenic Activator, email me a message.

Bob Gannage
Director of International Sales & Marketing