Water Is The Key To Life



In the same manner that water is the key to life and the health of the planet, water and continuous hydration and its role in the removal of toxins as well as the carrying of nutrient into the cell is the key to our potential wellness. Medical Science has at last confirmed the truth in this understanding of waters premiere role in the body. We are now aware that water is essential for not only survival but maximum, healthy survival. Aided by Biogenic Activator™ (Living Water), we can now enhance and simplify water’s energy imprint and the resulting effect on its chemistry. Water is not “just water” anymore, as a new class and generation of water has been designed by a team of Russian Scientists, taking us beyond simply surviving but to thriving as fit, high-performance human beings.

Living Biogenic Water has proven adequate “cellular hydration”, in conjunction with simple to absorb liquid “micro-nutrients” are needed to sustain the vitality of healthy cells and tissues, opening a new arena and paradigm in the field of 21st Century Alternative Health Care.


Watch Before and After Blood Analysis With Living Water Added:



Biogenic Activator™ aka Raindrop Water Benefits

  • Biogenic Activator has a one of a kind process utilizing proprietary patented technology to remove all previous energetic memory (Bad Memory/Energy Fields) and restoring it as our Creator intended it to be i.e. Raindrop water; which leaves it with polishing smooth, light and refreshing taste.
  • DNA Strand restructured and restoring an energy balance in the body that is so badly needed due to all the bombardment of Microwave energy from Cell Towers, Cell phone, Wi-Fi that no one can escape i.e. electronic smog is everywhere!
  • Smaller water clusters and reduced surface tension for advanced “cellular” hydration and micro-nutrient cellular uptake.
  • Biogenic Activator establishes a proper balance seeking PH (which is slightly alkaline). This Life Force Energy field that our Creator infused into water and is captured in the Biogenic Activator  and as a result provides optimal reduction of the harmful effects of toxic body acid wastes without interfering with acidic digestive processes as is the case with alkaline water i.e. water that has had alkaline minerals added to it. Yes water that is treated to increase the PH, so called alkaline water, interferes with digestion. This condition creates a cascading challenge for the body, often seen in several symptoms of indigestion i.e. heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, undernourishment of the cells etc. Our bodies function optimally in close to a PH neutral environment i.e. if it becomes too acid or alkaline from our diets, the body as it was designed, balances it out as needed, in order to achieve a slightly alkaline state.
  • Biogenic Activator provides a colloidal hydrogen and oxidation reduction providing antioxidant enhancing properties.
  • Biogenic Activator is infused with the Life Force Energy found in a Raindrop, which helps by our Creators design to help build the immune system, as well as protect against environmental contamination (Toxic Chemicals and Electronic Smog) and “Life Force Energy” storage bleed off aka energy drain!


Stop drinking Fake water, drink real water as our Creator intended it to be for us i.e.  RAINDROP WATER aka Living Biogenic Water


For more details on the Biogenic Activator™, how to purchase some, become a Reseller or even open up a foreign country as an Exclusive Master Distributor contact me.

Bob Gannage
Director of International Sales & Marketing