Alkaline, Sterile Water Vs. Living Energy Water.

Alkaline Water Vs. Sterile Water

Water has a beautiful characteristic that lately has been often overlooked, and that is
that water is amphoteric; acting as both alkaline and acidic at a perfectly neutral pH of 7.0,
depending on its environment. For a biological system water’s use is dynamic and can be used
differently by the body for its specific needs at a specific time, like transporting different
nutrients, enzymes, removal of toxins and immune supporting proteins. Drinking alkaline water
may alkaline you (your stomach however, requires a pH 2.5 for digestion. Drinking alkaline
water at this time can be detrimental to the digestive process. Additionally, what is making that
water alkaline? Is it some type of metal like Aluminum ions, which can add its own toxic effect
to the water? Is it metal ions coming off of a Kangen type unit with metal electrode plates?
How are they making the “purified” water conductive for these electrode plates? Usually it is
because the originating source is coming from a “municipal tap water” to achieve its
conductivity and the resulting effect of a higher PH water. One of the first scientists to focus his
attention on proving the reality of memory in water, was the renowned French immunologist
Jacques Benveniste, who was awarded two Nobel Prizes in Chemistry. The first Nobel Prize
Awarded him in 1991 describes Benveniste as a ‘prolific proselytizer’ and dedicated
correspondent of Nature, for his persistent belief that water, H2O, is an intelligent liquid, and
for demonstrating to his satisfaction that water is able to remember events long after all trace
of those events has vanished.” The Associative Press National Investigative team had uncovered
that the municipal tap water supply is contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs. “We know we
are being exposed to other people’s drugs through our drinking water, and that can’t be good,”
says Dr. David Carpenter, who directs the Institute for Health and the Environment of the State
University of New York at Albany. These chemicals are designed to have very specific effects at
very low concentrations, that’s the goal of pharmaceuticals, so when these compounds get out
to the environment and to your home it should not be a shock that they have effects.
Revitalized water with its anti-entropy technology may help you overcome the energetic and
chemical pollution in the tap water that your water filter may not be designed to remove.

Revitalized Technologies, the creator of the LIVING Biogenic Activator has worked very closely with researchers and scientists like
Professor Inushin and Dr. Yuri Kron who had been working with the Russian space program.
Professor Inushin, a world-renowned bio-physicist, had been exploring the different properties
of water for 30 years, beginning while working in the Soviet aerospace industry in research and
development. They realized Cosmonauts drinking recycled and filtered water developed
pathological symptoms after prolonged use, this prompted research into what is lost in the
filtering and sterilizing process. They eventually discovered something very significant, which
they termed with professor Gurevich to be “hydroplasma” a type of bioplasma. Further
research by Yuri Kron and Professor Inushin showed how water holds information (it has
memory capabilities) and specific energetic fingerprints which can be applied to our receptive
water using their newly developed and proprietary technology. Now with the use of this
technology they are able to infuse the Life Force Energy as it is found in a raindrop or a stream.
A vibrational frequency that will cause water to behave as it was originally designed by our
Creator to be much more biogenically active and in effect maintain the health of all cells in the
body by having anti-entropic and interfacial characteristics. Dr. Gerald Pollack research showed
how these are the characteristics of a water that is most biologically active and efficient.
Harmful microwave radiation and EMF that everyone is exposed to everyday can have a
negative impact as well on our body’s cells and ability to stay hydrated. Our biogenic activator
provides your body with a water that provides resilience from dehydration and cell damage by
providing super hydration and optimal cellular performance. When the body’s cells are
performing the way, they should with the tools they need like proper water it can defend its
self from ubiquitous dangers like EMF and toxins from many sources including pathogens, toxic
metabolites, chemicals found in food like herbicides/pesticides and the air (chemtrails). LIFELESS water requires your body to use extra energy to make use of it, while our LIVING Biogenicwater is already biologically active allowing your body to use less energy in detoxifying. Consistently drinking water infused with our biogenic activator allows the body to work under optimal hydration, which may increase energy, slow the aging process and help heal itself providing a better oversense of well-being.

Further research by Yuri Kron and Professor Inyushin showed how Water holds
information and specific energetic fingerprints which can be applied to a receptive water using
their proprietary technology through its structure, vibrational frequency, amplitude and
bioplasma content. This led to the creation of our specialty activators. Once we have brought water back to its proper biologically active state then water can again function as our Creator intended it to provide Life Force Energy to every cell in our body.

Richard Gerber, MD, world renowned researcher and author of the iconic series of
books called Vibrational Medicine, is quoted as saying: “…I find that it does appear to increase
my sense of energy and vitality… Other homeopathic practitioners whom I have talked with
have added it to homeopathic remedies with a significant increase in the remedy’s
effectiveness on patients. I would recommend it to anyone who is either fatigued or interested
in improving their level of hydration and their general health and well-being.” Once one
understands the dynamic mechanisms of the Revitalized Biogenic Activator, it is easy to
understand why we say that Revitalized Biogenic Activator has true anti-entropy or anti-aging