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Most life began in the sea, so it is only natural that the human diet requires Powerful Ocean Nutrition to achieve optimal health. Sea Vegetables, Marine Amino s, Sock Eye Omegas and Ocean Sleep are the first line of supplements and topicals to use only ocean-derived raw materials. It is our goal, through the use of Powerful Ocean Nutrition to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals in combination with Living Water from Pure Wellness.

As our farm soil becomes depleted, only the ocean can provide the nutrients needed for longevity, wellness, youth and vitality. Several Asian cultures credit their long life spans and low disease rates to a diet rich in ocean nutrition.


PotentSea® Sea Vegetables


PotentSea Organic Sea vegetable contain red brown and green marine algae. The five species that we use, kombu, bladderwrack, rockweed, sea lettuce and dulse are sustainably hand harvested and sun dried. Each April the gulf stream upwells deep nutrient rich waters to the north Atlantic near Maine, the Bay of Fundy and Iceland. The clean water then infuses the young sea vegetables with up to 80 trace minerals and amino acids.

Our crew then sets out by shore or on row boats with organic certifiers to hand harvest the sea vegetable fronds. We usually only give the young plants haircut, thus allowing the stem to continue to re-produce. PotentSea is the only brand to use the five species of raw, certified organic sea vegetables.

So why should you take sea vegetables?

The rich amount of organic iodine and trace minerals work to promote a healthy thyroid. Many Americans suffer from low thyroid condition known as hypothyroidism. Sign of hypothyroidism can include weight gain, low energy, poor hair, skin and nails, frequent lack of wellness, depression, lack of mental focus etc.

Many of the longest-lived people in the world such as the Japanese found many years ago that diet rich in sea vegetables promotes longevity and vitality into old age while enhancing youthfulness, energy and well beings. With our depleted farm soils supplementing with PotentSea sea vegetables and other ocean nutrition product will help you achieve many of your health goals.

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PotentSea® Sockeye Omegas Salmon Fish Oil


Sustainably harvested from the pristine Glacier melt bays of south east Alaska, Sockeye Salmon is among the most pure of all ocean fish. The oil is naturally bright orange due to the high level of the powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin. Rich in heart healthy essential fatty acids wild harvest sockeye salmon oil is great for maintaining healthy cardiovascular function, improved mood and joint support*. The U.S. military has started to provide sockeye salmon oil to returning vets as a way to help with depression and PTSD.

The Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids present in sockeye salmon oil are essential-this means that you must have them to stay alive yet your body does not naturally produce them. Many fish oils are nutritionally poor and cause gas and burping. The pure and cold pressed sockeye salmon oil is easy on your digestive system.

Our product is taken only from the heads of sustainable harvested Alaskan sockeye salmon. This is critical as bio toxins that occur in fish accumulate in the body flesh and not the heads. The fact that the product is wild insures that it was not “spiked” with antibiotics and coloring agents found in many farmed raised salmon and tilapia.

Our product is pressed at cool temperatures. Normal fish and salmon oil is basically cooked out of the fish – this can bend the proteins and make them much more difficult for the body to absorb.

Article excerpt from The Mayo Clinic:

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of unsaturated fatty acid that’s thought to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation in the body can damage your blood vessels and lead to heart disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease triglycerides, lower blood appears to reduce the risk of heart disease, particularly sudden cardiac death.


PotentSea® Marine Aminos

  • Fight Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal burnout and Epstein Barr*
  • Amazing Endurance*
  • Reduces Lactic Acid Burn for Faster Workout Recovery*
  • Builds Muscle Tone*
  • Libido Booster for Men & women*
  • Builds Youthful Hair, Skin & Nails*

Marine Aminos™ are a genuine new discovery that has recently been registered with the FDA as a new ingredient. Extracted from the meat of sustainable fished marine mollusks such as whelk, conchs and murex, Marine Aminos™ are among the most condensed and purest form of proteins on earth. For centuries traditional seaside cultures have used the source material of Marine Aminos™ to: boost libido* (sexual function, desire and satisfaction for men and women), increase energy*, endurance*, improve muscle tone*, speed recovery* and improve mental focus* while promoting youthful hair*, skin* and nails*.

PotentSea® Marine Aminos are 100% natural, no binders, preservatives,exipients etc. All amino acids, vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring.

PotentSea Marine Aminos have recently been registered with the FDA as a new ingredient for dietary supplements. The whole food amino acids in our product helps fight adrenal gland, burnout, boosts your workouts by 50% and helps you to feel and look years younger*. For best results take marine aminos in combination with PotentSea Sea Vegetables.

Marine Aminos is an eco-friendly replacement for rhino horn. Used for centuries as a powerful libido booster, anti-inflammatory and wellness promoter, rhino horn is sadly the cause of species depletion. Both rhino horn and Marine Aminos are comprised mostly of keratin and other basic elements that have very powerful positive effects on the human body.

PotentSea® Marine Aminos™ has been part of my nutritional program in preparation for upcoming fights. It has allowed me to recover from hard daily workouts required of a competitive boxer. As a result, I come back the next day stonger, fresh and ready to put in another day of hard work.

Randy “El Matador” Caballero
WBC Intercontinental Youth BantamWeight Champion

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PotentSea® Ocean Sleep Plus CBD

  • With Regalus™
  • Great source of Bio-available Calcium*
  • Gentle Digestion Aid*
Ocean Sleep PLUS utilizes Regalus™, a breakthrough new ingredient only available from PotentSea® plus the relaxation power of Full Spectrum CBD. Regalus™ is an all-natural, bio-available form of Calcium and Magnesium which helps you enjoy a sound and refreshing sleep with no side effects.
Ocean Sleep PLUS also acts as a gentle, digestion aid.

Suggested use:

With or without food, take one to three capsules 20 minutes before sleep.