The understanding of hydroplasm developed from research, starting when in the Soviet aerospace industry. In fact the term hydroplasm  was developed to respond to their findings and research on plasma.

For those knowledgeable in physics, plasma was named by Russian researchers as ‘the Fourth State of Matter’ right after ‘gaseous’, the ‘third state of matter’. Plasma is comprised of a duality of electromagnetic forces, which supports a state of free electrons and protons, not constrained by an atomic structure. In essence it is a source of free energy, which researchers understood is an essential raw material which life draws upon for its existence.

Soviet researchers went further into plasma research to determine that there is a form of plasma associated with the earth, which was named geoplasm, a form found in water, which was named hydroplasm, and that within a living organism, which was named bioplasm. Once consumed in water, hydroplasm becomes incorporated into the living being as bioplasm.

Further research on water led them to the understanding that water, being a unique liquid crystal substance, had a very important characteristic; that of ‘low entropy’. Water’s low entropy creates the potential for the existence of a considerable amount of free electron-proton plasma, or hydroplasm, though the amount of hydroplasm can vary significantly from water to water, with most filtered, bottled and purified water, having none at all.

Like plasma, hydroplasm is a stable, thermodynamically unbalanced system. Professor Inushin realized that the amount of hydroplasm present in water helps us determine its potential to support biological activity, since thermodynamically unbalanced water supports greater chemical activity, and can be assimilated into the body with less expenditure of energy. All of this means that a person consuming hydroplasm-rich water can expect a reduction in energy expenditure and stress; obviously essential for a person in a healing crisis, but advantageous as well for a person in generally good health. In fact, once one understands the dynamic mechanisms of water rich in hydroplasm, it is easy to understand why we say that Revitalized Biogenically Activated water has true anti-entropy, or anti-aging properties.

 Soviet Professor Inushin developed a technology called the ‘Bioplasm Anti-Entropy Generator, that imparts hydroplasm into our Revitalized Biogenic Activator, so that those consuming it in the liquids they drink could increase their bioplasm and benefit from its ability to support and maximize our well-being. Bioplasm is the form of plasma to be found within plants and animals.

The elaboration of the concept, biological plasma and research of its biophysical characterizations, has given rise as a necessity of the interpretation of the biological nature of acupuncture system of human, animals and plants. Bioplasma is no anything supernatural or unknown or being out of the matter existence forms. Contrary, concept about bioplasma logically result from the notion about Unity of Universe. Cosmological ideas are of the long-term historical way. Recalling the apophthegmatic of ancient thinker Biru-

“Our body is an analogy of the Universe”. Macro- and microcosm conceptions are the naïve ideas in ancient Indian philosophy about the Unity of Universe also. The data of contemporary cosmological science testify, that the plasma is a fourth state  of matter and namely plasma is a source of enormous stock of the radiant energy. Sun is a giant plasmal body, owing to its radiant energy the Life in the Earth exist. We have now an enough legitimate question: was the life arose at the atomistic-molecular principle only or the plasma is one of others basis owing to the Life was come to existence?

During centuries biology has mainly investigated the more conservative part of Life represented by atomistic-molecular tendency towards to no research a life with its procrass and dynamic structures, but in post mortal states without of Life sings. This tradition runs all through the whole history of development of morphology and biochemistry. So quite justly E. Bower in 1935 called biochemistry a “cadaverous” science. There are “cadaverous” science, as an anatomy, a histology, a cytology, a biochemistry and a molecular biology, that have given and give now very valuable data about a structural organization and a detail information about its chemical properties, but not a step forward to comprehension the specificity of the Life. Probably, this is result of giant gap in the understanding of living state. Just it wants to recall an expression of A. Szent-Gyorgui: “Biology have necessary in one newdimention”. We suppose that we have chosen a correct way and we moving to knowledge of formerly difficult to researching the life dimension, namely, bioplasma. From 1966 has been began a search of material basis of biofield. We are solitary with A.G. Gurvitch that through a biofield the numbers variety of process and structures of living body occur. But A.G. Gurvitch has no given cogent physical interpretation of the universe biofield. He has described a biofield only geometrically. It was a vast sphere of knowledge, where the idea of holisme has being in necessary to realize.

Understanding the difficulty of experimental approach to this problem, the first of all we have given consideration to the principal indication of the biofield manifestation. Has been carried out a series of experiments with Kirlian-effects (living tissue emanation under the high-voltage discharge). This research has brought us to a first stage in a development of bioplasma conception (Inyushin, Gristchenko et al., 1968). Term “bioplasma” has been proposed by Gristchenko in 1966. Under bioplasma he imply the hypothetical “X-atoms” without interpretation of its physical nature. Future this conception has been developed in the series of works (Inyushin, 1969,1972,1973).


In this article we accentuate the importance knowledge about principal bioplasma properties, the thermo dynamical substation of its existence possibility, experimental data of its (bioplasma) existence and the bioplasmic body macrostructure. Irrespective to us the hypothesis about especial state (biostructures’ conception) developed by academician E. Macovsky at 1949 in Bucharest. Furthermore, from 1969 polish investigator V. Sedlac developed his own interpretation of bioplasma hypothesis.

According to our idea the bioplasma may be represent as an electron-proton plasma and electron-hole plasma and consist fromexcitons and represent by the virtual particles. Bioplasma is an organized plasma with its own wave structure. Bioplasma is a multicomponent anisotropy structure.

It may be proposed, that bioplasma is a fifth state of matter; that longtime existence conceivable in conditions of specific “living” space only (even from view of geometrical consideration) of an integral organism. One can say with confidence, that the bistructure movement in space (embryonic development of animals, grathing and differentiation of plants etc.) is stipulated by bioplasma intern properties and at first by its geometry. Formation of channels, multiple bounds with intern organs and exaggeration of biology active points (acupuncture points) are the representations of macrostructure of “bioplasmal body”. There is every reason to suppose that bioplasma is a system with negative entropy.

We divide bioplasma into two types: bioplasma of germ and bioplasma of soma.

Bioplasma of germ represent by electron-proton plasma and virtual particles very high density of constients. Its stability is very high too. In bioplasma of germ in really exist a “land” of negative entropy, that long term keeping.

Formed in bioplasma of germ a continuous waves, a stable bioholographic “patterns” with maximum and minimum make up. In this biohologramm consist an information about the first stage of development only, i.e. the zygote splinting. Give birth through the splinting a two blastomere, they already from a new hologram with its own maximum and minimum after interference of two blastomere hologram.

Consequently it is possible to return to a theory of epigenisis and to turn down a preformisme, openly seeing in a modern works in genetic. Zygote has no whole information about of future organism. It has only anisotropic hologram bioplasma germ, that determine an actually step of development.

The laws of self-movement are determined through the actual interaction of wave structures and they determine the ways of growing organism in space and in time. Stability of wave structure of germ bioplasma is very high. Only, a gross energetic intervention can provoke a “breakages” in it, i.e. that genetic named mutations. Unfortunately, there are few of experimental approach to research of bioplasma germ, so that our comprehensions are hypothetic type, when we speak about a role of bioplasma in genetic signs preservation. Bioplasma of some is more labile and consist from the large varieties of particles. Particle plasticity is very high. Human brain is a “summit” of somatic bioplasma structurality. We are entirely agreed with the conclusions of famous scientist in field of thermodynamics N.I. Kobsev, saying that the life at all its levels has an antientropic component. Understanding function of brain is impossible at an atomic-molecular level and even a biochemical matter is absolutely insufficient to formation of brain tissue. Participation of fundamental particles extremely widens the possibilities of brain psychic activity not only through its entropy decreasing, but also in others important relations. Fundamental particles obeying to laws of relativist quantum mechanics may turn into another’s particles, breeding, etc. Kovsev wrote: “Namely the carriers of psychic functions and necessary for life antienthropy it might seek in field of fundamental particles and in its relating fields…” (Kovsev, 1970).

Thermodynamics scryting of process of information and, of understanding has leaded N.I. Kobsev to a necessary of assumption of existence of stable fundamental particles composition. Somatic bioplasma have very complex structure and damped and undamped wave structure. It taken place here a biohologramm state of bioplasma. Are there an experimental proofs today about bioplasma existence?

  1. At first, existence of electron without location, as –electrons; statement of semipro ducting properties of membrane cells: high concentration of uncoupling electrons in a biology important molecules as RNA and DNA.

  2. At other hand, a spontaneous electron emission one can be intensified by electron-proton bombardment through the Kirlian-method; as a local exhaustion of ejected particles stock in all parts of organism a decreasing of charge carriers concentration occur; i.e. an ejected particles system keep on the united ensemble after a particle loss in anything area of space.

  3. There are an electrical body’s polarity and total appearance of all electrophysiological phenomenon. This has been conclusively proved by Moldavia investigator S.N. Maslobrodov in his work in electrophysiology of plants polarity. This research witness that plant electrical system is similar to quasineutral state. But in presence of sun light irradiation as a result of charge number change alteration of roots permeability occur (with preservation of quasineutrality).

  4. A very high heat yielding during the tissue decay. At the base of this fact E. Bauer has substantiated his principle of stable energetic desequlibrium.

  5. A cooperative character of alteration of quantum process in action of physical factors; ex. come into being of entire fields of intensive mithogenetic emanations through the light action at the eye retina. Effects of cooperative alteration charge number in the skin, in the plants leaves under action of light we have been ascertained during research of Kirlian-effects.

  6. Optical anisotropy of biosubstratum and its dependence on universal physical fields and discovery in our laboratory of daily anisotropy alteration are confined this dependence. Absorption by living tissue a sinusoidal type laser radiation also give notion about existence of polarized unlocalized electron system. In dead tissue the effect of this type has no observed.

  7. At last. A radiation of different types generating by living body, about which we want to talk in more detail. Arising by tryboelectrical charged electrical fields, which concentrate in the human body surface register at the distance (5-10m). This work has carried out in the laboratory of physiological genetics of Leningrad State University by P.I. Guluaev (1969,1970). For registration of electrostatic fields has been developed an especial sensitive elements (aurosensor).

Besides that, E.T Kulin (1973) investigated the electrostatic fields by electrometric voltmeter with high output resistance and low capacity, which permit to eliminate triboelectric charges. This owed through moistening of body with water (a man lied in bath with water). A potential value at the moistening skin oscillated in specific limits. Author of this work concluded an existence in human body of lifetime polarizations that originate relative strong electrical fields. It may be proposed that bioplasma is a cause of so high charged density in the skin surface. Simultaneously, the role of electrons in charge creating is no exclude. There is a theory about existence of irradiation of biogratiational waves (Dubrov, 1973). High bioplasma density and its structures give possibility to generating of gravitational waves. It is necessary the exact experiments for discovering and proving this type of waves existence.

It should be noted, that for the first time A. Einstein has raised a question about existence of gravitational waves in 1916. But following to half-century of investigation of gravitation waves. Nothing that the gravitational interaction is the most weak from everything, known to modern science. It lesser than proton electromagnetic interaction at 1036 times. Simultaneously propose that sensitive detectors of gravitational radiation would be developed in the nearest future (Ginsburg, 1973).

It is necessary after appropriate modification to endeavor to use this method for gravitational waves detection, that rise by process in bioplasma. High density of protons and electrons in bioplasma permit to propose a gravitational waves radiation with certain characteristics. And despite of insignificant intensity of these waves, it may have an important role in formation of anosotropic bioplasma structure around of living subjects.

We want to dwelling in few words at the possibility of bioplasma emittance in surrounding space. It is not excepting a formation bioplasma micro streamers and bioplasmaoids (bioplasma fragments). This micro streamers and bioplasmaoids (bioplasma fragments). These micro streamers may form in the air and raise channels here that consist from bioplasma particles. The corroboration of existence this type structures in environment has now only indirect character. It’s known that living subjects ionize the surrounding air and Kirlian-irradiation corona change its structure (the distribution of streamers in gas-discharged plasma) in order to functional tissues state. The clearest structure of gas-discharged streamers is noted in condition of normal physiological process course.

In our laboratory M. Yarilcamishev obtained a preliminary results about a change of optical properties of medium around of leaves (5-6mm) under electrical and mechanic irritation of plants. By quantum-electronic instruments it has been showed a possibility of optical properties change registration around biological objects.

Require a further theoretic and experimental investigation to prove a possibility of bioplasma emission in surrounding of organism. We have now an example of long living plasma state in the real terrestrial condition as globe lighting. Its nature still no discover, but it is not of findings about a principle possibility it’s raising in laboratory.

It is known a curious date about photo registration of lightning balls between cathode and anode, disposed in the face of photo emulsion. It is interesting to note, that for get over interelectrod space from 5 to 10mm the ball has required 1-4 minutes. After development of photo plate, it was seen a trajectory of globe. It’s not exception, those bioplasmal streamers and bioplasmoids may exist in gas-discharging plasma in case of Kirlian-effects. And its insert in luminescence is lesser, then one of gas-discharging plasma and reach the maximum 12-15%.

From other side, it is point in development of special photo registration methods of bioplasmoids spontaneous emission without additional electric circuits. Our preliminary data imprese this probability.

In conclusion we want to note the investigation of bioplasma in ultraviolet range. The special methods of bioradiography permit to receive very clear imprints of luminescent biostructures. There are reasons to think that emission is a coherent and has a little angular divergence. Emission regulation is possible in order of harmony of emissive biostructures, especially with bioplasma.

Availability of complex system of biology active points (acupuncture points) proves an existence of bioholographic energo-infromation structures.

In our laboratory it was made an attempt to modeling the regulatory mechanism, stipulating an interaction of true skin with intern organs at the base of notion, that the local parts of little interactions are the acupuncture points using specifically in the acupuncture treatment or “active points”. This modeling was founded at the construction of the model networks that principal characteristics are described by both soviet and foreign authors. According to modeling the “points of action” interpret as a most clear projection of a certain informational association (model), that stipulate the stability of organ functioning. Every association is in the biological data bank and by an intimate interaction with each other a model network form. So this model network is of great interest.

The most violent bond between associations defines the more typical program of homeostasis restoration in biologic object (bioenergostasis), and a projection of this hologram in the true skin the ligns (channels). But this model projections and its bonds lying in memory isn’t change a morphologic skin structure, nevertheless this projection can fully exist according to principle of organism integrity, where a changement of the same organism parts always leave its mark at all others parts.

Therapeutic action interprets in modeling as an exitation of that part of hologramme, that anyone cause trouved in a zone of inhibition and failing. Findings treatment from state of conductivity and optical properties of true skin of patients by developed stimulation, permit to reveal the true skin parts are the most effective for therapy of researching illness. The comparison of acupuncture prescriptions with our data the many similarity elements reveal. It has been created a little performance analog computer, in which one can imputing a source data and receiving an acknowledge about a breaks and rational tactics of therapeutic action. Probably the continuation of this work founded at the holographic informatics nature of the therapeutic effects can give a new ways for action through the “active points” in clinic with resonance irradiation. So we are the first in world, who began to practice in 1965 a weak He-Ne laser irradiation in treatment. Information interpretation of illness and of therapeutic action in a sense a possess a universality and applicability in a different branch of science. But this is no spelling, that only by that methods one can answer at everybody question conforming researcher. A new approach no disclaim others methods but have its complement; permitting more deeply understand an essence of research object.

For receiving the more reliable information during the measurement of physic parameters from “active points” a great interest have an investigations shedding light at its nature. In connection with this there is no remembering the works of A.G. Gurvitch in a branch of theoretical biology, i.e. a biology field theory. In his reasoning about biology field nature he has touched of thought about varieties of bonds between any field elements. Under term “field element” was implied that molecular unequilibrium state. “Energetic framework” of this crystal is presented by “conductivity zones” with complex configuration. Availability of this conductivity zones stipulate the stability of biofield structure, i.e. its autiregulation. In former publications we have done an assumption that “Active points” at the true skin of animals, human or plant maybe be the points of output of bioplasma conductivity zones. So it is necessary to investigate its electric, optic and bioenergetics peculiarities. Importance of this investigation is accentuated, that the special microscopic research comparing a skin structure in “active points” and outside it, no indicate neither thinking of corneun layer nor any other particularities. Morphologic research has no permitted to reveal an existence of special structure. It has every reason to think that “active points” are without of morphologic differences.

Thus, in organism exist a slow reacting conducting bioplasmal system, tightly-bonded with muscular, nervous and others tissue systems. Slowness of its reactions stipulates this role in conservation of organism energostatis.

Leningrad scientist M.K. Geikin has discovered a “low-ohm points” in the leaf surface. These points usually dispose near branched bas of plant leaf, sometime at the edge of leaf plate. The diameter of section with high conductivity is 1-2 mm, sometime 4 mm. Consequently, original complex electric structure is no possessed for human or animal, but also fro plants. Simultaneously, the research of structure in the section with high conductivity no showed at any difference in structure of leaf epidermis in comparison with low-conductance section.

How many of this point with high-conductance has human or animal?

During several millenniums using error method Chinese therapists has discovered about 700 points, that excitation provoke natural reaction of organism and of its organ.

Japanese therapist recommends 120 points only. Examining “points” with special probe for conductance measuring, we discovered about 150 points with different conductance. A considerable quantity of these points is located at the face and at the cochlea.