Kirlian Photography and Biogenic Activator


Kirlian Photography and Biogenic Activator


Each body (this includes animals and plants!) radiates an energy field only visible to certain imaging devices. This energy surrounding the body is captured using a high voltage that maps, or follows our bio-plasmic field  and traps its’ image on photographic film. This process is

called Kirlian photography and was named after its founder, a Russian doctor by the name of Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, who discovered this imaging process in 1939.

It is a method of investigation for biological objects, based on the interpretation of the corona-discharge image obtained during exposure to a high-frequency, high-voltage electromagnetic field which is recorded either on photographic paper or by modern video recording equipment. It is highly effective as a means for the diagnostic evaluation of physiological and psychological states.

Finger Prints

Clinical trials (with finger prints) were conducted by Dr. Sophia Blank over a 30 day period during October/November 2000. The randomly selected trial subjects were tested at various times of day throughout the duration of the trial. The subjects were tested in groups and individually . This was a blind test without the subjects knowing which type of water they were ingesting. Tap water, various bottled waters, and REVITALIZED Structured Water were interchanged.

The Kirlian images presented are representative of the results obtained throughout the trials. These pictures vividly display the increase in the energy fields emanating from the various subjects’ fingers. This obvious improvement in capillary action correlates to the rapid intercellular absorption characteristics of the Structured Water.      SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO!

Finger tips