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What is  the Living Energy Activator ?

Born out of the Soviet space industry, and the product of 30 years of Russian and Polish research, Living Energy Activator, we believe, brings more of the science of water for health together in one product than any other product available today.

Observing the damaging effects that consuming recycled water was having on the Cosmonauts, Soviet researchers became aware of the importance of the life enhancing Hydroplasm, which was clearly missing in the water on the lomg space missions. Keep in mind that today almost all water that we consume on this planet (90% of the water consumed) is recycled or filtered, including most so-called spring waters.

The Soviet researchers involved with Biogenic Activator determined that the level of Hydroplasm in the water we drink determines its degree and ease of assimilation, as well as its ability to support chemical/enzymatic activity in the body. Drinking water rich in Hydroplasm means less expenditure of energy and reduction in overall stress, essential for a person in a healing crisis, but also clearly advantageous for a person wishing to maintain their good health.

Hydroplasm is the form of Plasma that can manifest in water. Plasma, for those not knowledgeable in physics, is that duality of electromagnetic forces, which supports a state of free electrons and protons, not confined by atomic structure which has a nucleus at its core, and considered by some to be the very essence of life itself. To put it simply it is an energy field which under the right conditions is able to interact with living plants and animals to contribute to the many processes which support life itself. With the help of top Russian physicists, we are now able to create our hydroplasm-rich Biogenic Activator which assures a good measure of this life-sustaining force for those who add it to their regular intake of fluids.

Living Energy Activator also manifests fast right-spinning electrons, which is like creating a tailwind behind our life-giving substances, such as nutrients, driving them forward, and a headwind against our life-suppressing substances, such as toxins and pathogens, slowing them down and neutralizing their negative effects.

Another defining characteristic is a strong osmotic drive, created by imprinting the water with a high amplitude frequency, which assists the cells with a healthier platform for nutrient uptake and release of toxins, by speeding up the delivery of nutrients into the cells. This promotes smaller, more frequent feedings of the cells, allowing the cells to be nourished steadily without overwhelming their ability to flush toxins in a timely manner.

Additionally, the Living Energy Activator is made up of several different six-sided molecular structures, which is the form most often observed in water found in correctly functioning nature. These structures occur naturally in our Biogenic Activator as a result of the presence of Hydroplasm, without requiring the addition of surfactants or salts to manufacture that structure, which is commonly being done today in commercial waters.

Richard Gerber, MD, world renowned researcher and author of the iconic series of books called Vibrational Medicine, is quoted as saying: “…I find that it does appear to increase my sense of energy and vitality… Other homeopathic practitioners whom I have talked with have added it to homeopathic remedies with a significant increase in the remedy’s effectiveness on patients. I would recommend it to anyone who is either fatigued or interested in improving their level of hydration and their general health and well-being.”

Once one understands the dynamic mechanisms of the Biogenic Activator, it is easy to understand why we say that our Living Energy Activator has true anti-entropy or anti-aging properties.