Glass Bottles Available Now

Some exciting news, we now have the amplified Biogenic Living water available in glass bottles.

We still are carrying the Biogenic Activator in 16.9oz BHP free plastic bottles but now we have an amplified Biogenic Activator in 1.69 oz glass bottles. The bottle contains 1000 drops and 50 drops will treat 1 gal of purfied water so you can treat 20 gals with 1 small bottle. Restore your filtered water to Living Water with the frequency of rain water. Pure living water!

How does the concentrate work?

Our water is not actually a concentrate, it is amplified. Our water’s vibrational frequency is amplified similarly to a tuning fork that gets louder the higher its vibrational amplitude is. Our 1.69oz bottles spend days getting amplified, and thus can transfer their characteristics to other water just like a vibrating tuning fork can make a still quiet one begin to vibrate and sing without having to touch it.


Does Revitalized water address EMF radiation?


When the body’s cells are performing the way, they should with the tools they need, like proper biologically active water, it can defend its self from ubiquitous dangers like EMF and other toxins, including pathogens, toxic metabolites, chemicals found in food like herbicides/pesticides, and air pollution.

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