I am very familiar with the Japanese water technology, long before companies like kangen open their doors. The fact is that the Japanese technology dealt solely in the chemistry of water, not the physics. They both are important, however kangen type units only correct the chemistry problem created by the processing of water at the water treatment plant, it does nothing for the bad ENERGY problem created by those same treatment plants.

The Russian technology that we use corrects the bad ENERGY problem. The bottom line as far as the physics (ENERGY) of water…all tap/filtered/treated water your drinking is DEAD water i.e. the LIFE force ENERGY our Father created to be in a drop of of rain has been altered, just as the Water treatment plant has altered the chemistry to render the water coming out of the tap, UNHEALTHY! Yes that means after all the money spent on a kangen type unit, the water you are drinking is still UNHEALTHY. The kangen type units do NOT correct the bad ENERGY issue which is a more serious issue than the Chemistry issues it resolves!
To learn more about LIVING ENERGY Water i.e. water that has been restored to what our Father created us to drink, pure raindrop water filled with LIFE Force ENERGY, study the information on this site. You will learn how to restore your DEAD Water into LIVING ENERGY Water.

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