I am persuaded that Reverse Osmosis Water is “DEAD WATER”, However I might add that ALL filtered water is “DEAD WATER”! Now to help better understand why I say ALL filtered water is DEAD, review this material I have written about “LIVING WATER” and the Living Energy Water Activator we have used for years to transform our DEAD water to LIVING WATER the way God intended us to drink.

This article just addresses the mineral deficiency, there is something even more profoundly impacting the health of the body than the minerals i.e. it is the very Life Force Energy God put into the water that really provides water with the ability to perform as it was intended by God to do. Water is thought of in terms of hydration, however it has much more critical role to play than just hydration, it provides oxygen and nutrient to the cells as well as removes the toxins from the body as well. DEAD water does not perform these very important functions optimally which result in a less than optimal quality of health and life.


Living Energy water is water that is gladly and effectively accepted by any living cell. It has the unique ability (as designed by God) to go where it’s needed in the body, when any given cell needs it; therefore resulting in a positive effective on the entire body!

Everyone needs to have all their loved one’s drinking in what God infused in the water i.e. Life Force Energy imparted into LIVING ENERGY WATER. Man has messed with this healthy energy state of water.  

You really must stop drinking the negative/dead water!

Read the message below and look at this link for more information on Living Energy Water :


Just as we have fake food, we also have fake water. Real water is flowing and alive, as you can find in a river or mountain stream.
Unfortunately, most of our drinking water today is dead, having passed through 90° right angles in a pipe, having been treated with chlorine and fluoride (both toxins), and containing remnants of antibiotics, glyphosate and Big Pharma drugs. It may do just enough to keep us alive, but it’s not allowing us to thrive.

Water has memory and carries past information, as the pioneering research of Masaru Emoto showed. It absorbs what you are thinking and feeling, and changes its structure accordingly.
If we as a society keep using synthetic drugs and flushing them down the waterways, the water will remember that, and future drinkers of it will get the “memory information” of drugs in their system, regardless of whether they actually take pharmaceuticals or not.
Not all water is equal. How beneficial it is depends on how it is structured. It is heartening to see people promoting structured water, which returns the buoyancy to the hydrogen and oxygen atoms making up the water molecule. We are water.

Whatever we do to our water we do to ourselves. One way out of the
deception and conspiracy is to take control of your water, and find a pure source, or ensure you both filter and structure your water to make it as life-giving as possible.

For more information on LIVING ENERGY WATER go to my website or message me Bob Gannage…/the-dangers-of-d…/

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