I have eaten 2 or 3 a day, most everyday of my life and I never taken any pharmaceuticals!
I wish I could say that about drinking REAL water, but I can’t. I grew up on big city tap water…not good! I was sick all the time as a kid. I began drinking spring or filtered water and eating 90% organic once I left home, that was back in the late 60s. Back in those Hippie days, we lead the way for organic foods and the drinking of only pure water ie the chlorine removed.
The sad thing about today’s commercial water is that it is fake water, so called purified water. Like all the other fake commercial products on the market today, like fake food, not REAL food. To me REAL water is what you would have found in the streams here in America at the time only the Indians lived in America.
Water flowed over an uncontaminated earth, not so today. It is almost impossible to find REAL water today!
Not only is all the flowing water in America now contaminated from multiple sources and various degrees of contamination, the rain water is contaminated before it even hits the ground ie chemtrails, air pollution etc.
Today I am so blessed to being drinking REAL water i.e. water very close to what is found in a pristine uncontaminated mountain stream i.e. REAL water!
I add a Biogenic Activator to my water that transforms its ENERGY to be like a pristine stream i.e. LIVING ENERGY Water. For more information on how to transform your water into REAL Water:

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