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The medical system is cleverly designed to make humans believe that disease is a result of bad genes, bad timing or bad luck. A bigger lie may not exist. Humans are being made sick purposely by a system that works around the clock, poisoning everything a human needs to be healthy i.e. air (chemtrails), food and water (glyphosate), as well as their vaccines and PHARMACEUTICALS!

Evil is live spelled backwards…and evil has now cloaked itself as science and medicine, it’s best disguise to date. The water is poisoned with fluoride, the air is poisoned with chemtrails, the foods are poisoned with GMO’s and pesticides, the children poisoned with vaccines and the adults poisoned with prescription drugs. All in the name of science. Evil has found its’ ultimate playground and that playground is littered with the bodies of the most naive and most easily mind controlled of our society. Sad but a true reality of our present world. The only choice we have is to opt out, not participate ss much as possible.
You must take control of your own life, starting with your own healthcare.  Research, study, learn and apply the knowledge you gain.
The most important thing you can do for your health is to understand the water of life ie. Life giving water.
If you do nothing else for your health, add this LIVING Water A Activator to your processed/filtered water:
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