CBD is not all that’s required to properly treat dis-eases. There is no doubt that this full spectrum CBD is needed as part of the treatment. It work be foolish to rely solely on CBD, as it would be to not include the use of CBD in your daily protocol of treatment as well as prevention. It would also be foolish to stop using CBD just because it work in the period time you have in mind….and just how that expected time period got in your mind. DON’T STOP!!! Your body needs CBD …that’s it period!
Now that being said you would also be foolish to not look for and identify the causes of whatever disease your suffering with. I can assure you that there will be lifestyle choices/changes required! Almost everyone I have seen in my practice has had toxic conditions that absolutely needed to be addressed as it was one of the root causes. You must always address the causes!!! ALWAYS…or you will never truly heal! You only need to look at Allopathic medicine to see why people don’t demand of their doctor to find the cause, because Big Pharma does not sell products that address the cause and these MDs today are not trained to address causes, only symptoms! My recommendation is to by all means use CBD, as I mentioned above and identify the causes, then begin the appropriate treatment protocol. Be well! 👍😉❤️



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