As the body grows older, it is subject to increasing stress (stress hormones not functioning optimally), greater accumulation of contaminants (viruses, bacteria, chemicals, etc…) free radical damage (lower amounts of glutathione), etc…Add to this poor diet and other negative lifestyle choices, and the body begins to dehydrate (thus those wrinkles).


The reason being that the Energized/Structured Water found in our bodies at birth, becomes more and more destabilized over time and loses its efficient shape As a result, our ability to absorb water decreases, and we become more and more dehydrated and undernourished, leading to a breakdown of our biophysical functions.


Studies show that dehydration is both a cause and a result of the disease process. Most of us are chronically dehydrated and we don’t even know it.

Remember, our cells are responsible for everything we need for life. They are the tiny factories responsible for making energy (ATP), repairing proteins, producing and processing an amazing array of bio-chemicals, etc… Without proper hydration of the cells allowing for absorption of nutrients into and removal of toxins out of the cells, these activities can’t take place optimally.


Living Biogenic Water hydrates your body at the cellular level, even with all the compromises of aging. Therefore the starting point for any Anti-Aging protocol is correctly energy-structured hydration; everything else follows. Research increasingly shows that Living Biogenic Water seems to be the most powerful hydrating agent available; regenerating cells, regulating heart rate, neutralizing toxins, and raising cellular energy.


Who can benefit?


Living Biogenic Water is for everyone, from young to senior, as all living things need correct hydration for optimal health. Everyone can profit from drinking liquids activated with the Living Biogenic Water to assure and promote correct bioactivity.


What about children?


With the onslaught of chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies that their bodies are bathed in on a daily basis (television, video games, cell phones, computers), the excessive amounts of sugar in their diets, and the stress levels that they are being pushed to live at, children today are almost as susceptible to the compromises in their hydration that used to be primarily the consequence of aging.


The Living Biogenic Water Activator is now available to the general public.


16.9oz Bottle for $50 plus shipping (Treats 16 Gallons of water)


To purchasing your Living Biogenic Water Activator go to, it is sold there.


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