The fact is that cells that lack the correct amount of hydration age prematurely i.e. cells degenerate!

It is hard to regenerate, as in reverse aging, however the sooner in life you you begin to properly hydrate your cells daily the sooner your body can go to work at slowing down the aging process and maybe even restore a few things like the skins cells that are showing their age in the look and condition of your skin.
It is important to note that not all water available to drink is equal in fact water qualities can vary significantly. It is also true that all water that has been processed through and water treatment facility and/or any kind of home water filtration and alkaline treatment system is DEAD Water. 

DEAD Water does a poor job of properly hydrating cells. DEAD Water is also more inclined to be stored in the body cavity rather than taken into the cells i.e. water retention/water weight. Water retention inhibits proper functions of the cells and of special concern are all the organs and glands. This partly explains why drinking DEAD Water will prematurely age the body. I drink LIVING ENERGY Water, which has demonstrated its ability to properly hydrate healthy cells. 

Be sure to take the time to learn more about why you only want to drink LIVING ENERGY Water:
I don’t leave home without the LIVING ENERGY Water or my Biogenic Activator to treat any water I drink away from home. 👍😎🌴🌊


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