Drink “Living Water”


You need stop drinking dead water! You can treat 16 gallons of DEAD water with a $50 bottle of Biogenic Water and make it LIVING Water!
We can’t get away from all the Monsanto created toxins or the ChemTrails in the sky we need to cleanse them from our bodies and then there is the Microwave Radiation damaging our bodies, especially our nervous systems!
We need to get the word out that there is something to help us deal with this serious problem! “LIVING” Biogenic Water will work with the body to carry out toxins, unlike the DEAD water you are now drinking, as it poorly hydrates the cells. God created water to clean us inside and out, however He created “LIVING” water, the water you are now drinking has been adulterated, whether it be tap, bottled, filtered or alkaline water:
https://www.facebook.com/notes/bob-gannage/dead-water-your-drinking-hydrates-poorly/887237511318207 PROPER HYDRATION IS ESSENTIAL
The very best way to insure that you are not dehydrated is to drink LIVING water! You can still be clinically dehydrated even though you drinking gallons of water a day IF you are drinking DEAD water. See for yourself the difference in the blood when someone drinks LIVING water after drinking DEAD water:

Most importantly I drink LIVING Biogenic Water to rebalance the electrically disturbed energy in my body, as most of our bodies are made up of water. Water is the key to good health, as it washes our bodies of foreign agents both inside and out. LIVING Biogenic Water is able to clean the inside of our bodies of toxins in ways that DEAD water cannot! In addition LIVING Biogenic Water balances out the disturbed energy fields in the DEAD water as well as all the body fluids when you drink the water, so you are balanced out and infused with the Life Force Energy our Creator intended us to receive when drinking water!

For more information or to purchase any of the products mentioned above message me Bob Gannage doc@purewellness.me:

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