Everyone is Bombarded with Bad Energy!

People are being made sick everywhere from cell towers; everyone is being harmed by these microwaves anywhere that they have cell coverage! People are just beginning to be made aware of the harmful effects of Cell Towers, which are a very new and certainly an unknown factor in what damage they do to all life on a cellular level!
Listen to the concern being expressed by these Firefighters in LA:

This is one of many very important reasons everyone NEEDS Living Biogenic water, as it will rebalance people out, if you truly want to remain healthy, energetic and have the highest possible quality of life for the rest of your life! It is best sipped throughout the day! Everything works better in the body at a cellular level with the Biogenic (Energy Infused) Activator added to their water.

This is why I drink water that is infused with the energy of life i.e. The Life Force Energy found in Living Biogenic Water!

Look at the before and after Blood Analysis of water infused with the Biogenic Activator. As you look at this video, keep in mind that blood clots begin forming from clumping blood cells that are not properly hydrated among other things.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UUTn8Plqlc&feature=youtu.be Here are 2 links that will provide you more details; you can message me if you would like to get some of this Biogenic Activator. I am the Director of International Sales & Marketing. We are currently looking for Master Distributors in other countries! I will happily pay a royalty to anyone who introduces us to a Master Distributor for a new country, on all bottles sold in that country on into perpetuity by that Master Distributor.  The Biogenic Activator cost is $40 a bottle, which will infuse 16 gallons of water. All new accounts need to be processed through me in order to get the $40 a bottle price; it is $50 on our website.
There is also wholesale pricing for resellers. All Resellers must purchase by the case, in order to get wholesale pricing. At this time there is no cost to become a wholesaler and no minimum case order. Be all you can be…be healthy!
All tap, bottled and filtered water has bad energy:
https://www.facebook.com/notes/bob-gannage/water-is-contaminated-in-two-ways-bad-chemicals-bad-energy/1099138983461391?hc_location=ufi Stop drinking fake water and fake food:

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