The pathway to Optimum Health/Pure Wellness is found in the study of a single cell. The truth is that if you truly want to know what it really takes for you to have a healthy body, all you need to do is examine what it takes for one individual cell to be healthy i.e. as the body is entirely made up of cells. Yes it is actually quite simple, to achieve Optimum Health/Pure Wellness one must simply examine what it takes for one cell to be healthy! The five primary needs for a cell to be healthy are the following: #1 Oxygen…without oxygen being delivered into the cell, it will die in a matter of minutes. #2 Water…without the hydration of a cell the cell will die in a matter of days. #3 Nutrient…without proper nutrient the cell will die in a matter of days. #4 Detoxification without the removal of toxins from around the cell it will eventually become damaged, mutate in reproduction (Cancer) or die. #5 Cell Communication without proper communication between cells, the cells will NOT perform their function optimally, resulting in dis-ease. LIVING water is clearly necessary to carry Oxygen into the cell, to carry Nutrient into the cell, to remove Toxins surrounding the cell and to carry the Messenger Molecules from cell to cell. Dead water does all these tasks very poorly, which results in DIS-EASE!
The LIVING WATER Biogenic Activator will help to achieve Optimum Oxygen Blood Level and Optimum Hydration (Numbers 1& 2). Seed Nutrition of SOUL& CORE is a super-nutrient dense food which is highly bio-available i.e. Liquid Nutrient Form. In addition, they work in the detoxifying of the cellular environment i.e. removing of harmful toxins (Removes Cellular metabolism waste and man-made contaminates) as well as take bad fats out, put good fats in i.e. Plant based Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Number 3 & 4) Messenger Molecules of ASEA, a product that contains millions of signally molecules to provide Optimum Cell Communication. These signally molecules are produced in the cell by the Mitochondria, however as we age and/or become dis-eased our cells don’t product enough of the very important molecules (Number 5) In summary the Living Water is the key to all of them…EVERYTHING that God designed to work in the body will work optimally with the LIVING water. To learn the FULL story on water watch this video on the Mystery of Water: LIVING water hydrates, detoxifies and removes toxins significantly better than DEAD water! Most Everyone in the civilized world is drinking and bathing in DEAD water! See for yourself in this before and after blood examination, the difference in the blood of someone who had been drinking DEAD water and was given water that had been treated with the Biogenic Activator: The world needs to know what we know about LIVING WATER…share this story with them now! Go to to learn more how you can make your DEAD water LIVING water.
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