Healthy Cell Concept

Everyone needs to know and apply this simple truth! I firmly believe the foundation of good health is to build one healthy cell at a time…there is no question in my mind that Traditional Foods, Spices, and Herbs are your best foundation building medicine! Feed the cells in your body garbage, Fake Foods, Toxin laced Foods, Fake (DEAD) Water and Contaminated Air (Chemtrails & Electronic Smog/Microwave/Cell Tower Radiation and the cells operational files will be corrupted i.e. unhealthy and as a result reproduce a new cell that is degenerated (vulnerable to Disease/Cancer). These degenerated cells are at the root of all dis-ease, including mutating cancer cells as well as premature aging (the inside and outside of your body is wearing out faster than it would otherwise.

The Question is…what can a person do about these health challenges?
What needs to be factored in is the five top needs for a cell to be healthy:

1) A Cell needs Oxygen to penetrate the cell wall and get inside the cell. (Note: Not as easy as one might think. It’s not as simple as just breathing.)

2) A Cell needs water to penetrate the cell wall and get into the cell i.e. become hydrated. (Again not as easy as one might think. It’s not as simple as drinking water.)

3) A Cell needs to have all the waste it produces removed and the toxins and pathogens around it removed. (Note: Living Water is by far the most effective at removing waste, toxins and dead pathogens, Fake/Dead/Processed/Filtered Water has lost some of its ability to perform this God given function.

4) A Cell needs Real Food, not Fake processed food. (Note: Living Water is by far the most effective at carrying nutrient into the cell.)

5) A Cell needs communication from other cells to function properly. Yes cells talk to each other when they are functioning properly and when they are not, communication has broken down and we all know what that means i.e. a communication breakdown!

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