There is so much energy in the ocean as well as around the breaking waves i.e. the air you breath and the energy field your body absorbs. That’s why I live where I do and the first thing every morning sitby the ocean with my feet in the sand, sipping my coffee and watching the sunrise and the waves! I am in the ocean most everyday, at least floating around.



Living water will remove the toxins you are taking into your body from the air you breathe, water you drink and the food you eat!
Living water is water that is gladly and effectively accepted by any living cell. It has the unique ability (as designed by God) to go where it’s needed in the body, when any given cell needs it; therefore resulting in a positive effective on the entire body!
Everyone needs to have all their loved one’s drinking in what God infused in the water i.e. LIfe Force Energy imparted into LIVING BIOGENIC WATER. Man has messed with this healthy energy state of water.
You really must stop drinking the negative/dead water!
Read the message below and look at this link for more information on Living Biogenic Water :

Click here to learn more about Living Water vs. Dead Water and what I do and recommend to build and maintain a healthy immune system. You can also message me:
Bob Gannage:  doc@PureWellness.me


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