Let’s talk purity, ingredients, and why water soluble is NOT good!

All CBD has a standard rate of absorption due to the way it’s chemically structured and how your cells work. Just as your lungs can only absorb oxygen at a set rate, CBD can only be absorbed so fast by your body. All CBD has the same bioavailability as well, the only way that can change is by changing how it’s administered into your body.

When you take a CBD oil sublingually, it’s absorbed right into your bloodstream at 98% absorption. From there it is 100% bioavailable in your body for 8-12 hours.

When you take a “water soluble” CBD you digest it.

The chemical structure and polarity of the CBD is chemically changed during the process of manufacturing so that the CBD will survive the harsh conditions of the digestive system.

Even with this, some of the effectiveness and potency is lost due to how it’s made to be water soluble and the effect your digestive system has on it.

No CBD company has publicly stated the exact process of how they make their CBD oil into a water soluble product. This is because oils are NOT naturally water soluble, so it takes some HARSH solvents and detergents to reverse the polarity of the oil and encapsulate it in these chemicals so they will dissolve in water. (definitely not natural)

Because this process is so harsh and uses such nasty chemicals, CBD companies have all patented their supposed nano-technology CBD as “proprietary processes”, that way they don’t have to tell the public how they make it. Essentially they are legally hiding it from you.

Anyway, let’s put it this way. You take 5mg of CBD sublingually. It goes directly into your bloodstream, starts working within 5-10 minutes and lasts 8-12 hours, with the effects decreasing over time due to your body using up the CBD, thereby decreasing the amount in your bloodstream.

Then let’s say you take 5mg of water soluble CBD. You have to wait about an hour for it to digest and then start to go through your body, of course liver enzymes will have an effect on this as well. The 8-12 hours of bioavailability has thus been impacted so your water soluble CBD actually only last 6-10 hours.

If your CBD oil is not a greenish/golden color with only 2 ingredients (3 if it is naturally flavored)… It isn’t pure.
Don’t ‘t be tricked by fancy words and unsupported and unproven claims

CBD does not need to be alerted for your body to absorb it better!

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