Knowledge is Power!

Knowledge is power, IF it is applied! The most valuable of all knowledge of this world is the knowledge to heal a dis-eased body and greatest of all healing knowledge is the knowledge that will “prevent dis-ease”.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.” Ask anyone who is suffering with the pain (inflammation) that comes with all dis-ease!
“Let your health be your wealth.” bg
Have you ever thought, IF you ruin your body with unwise (foolish) choices…what the heck are you going to live in??
Here is a valuable website That will reveal to you the rest of the story on water: People who visit it will learn how to both prevent pain and suffer and help people regain the good health they have lost! This website will provide a valuable contribution to those who study it’s content, as long as they subsequently APPLY what they have learned!

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