The Life Force Energy provided by our Creator, comes forth from the Earth, Living Water, Live Foods and from the Sun! To receive this energy from the earth, that’s simple, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on moist grass or the very best place, the beach. For Live food, that simple, don’t use heat on it and especially don’t microwave it! Now for the Sun, simple again, go out in the Sun with very little clothes on (just your face and arms are not enough exposure to get the energy available and the Vitamin D you need daily) and NO sunscreen for about 20-30 mins a day.

As for obtaining  LIVING water, that can be much more of a challenge in today’s world, however I know of a simple inexpensive solution! For more information on how to convert the dead water you are now drinking, to LIVING water watch these video’s and for more details.

The Story of Water
This discovery about water will change the way you look at water forever:

Living Biogenic Water and Darkfield Microscopy

Before and after blood analysis:

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