First of all, to have plenty of healthy ENERGY, we must avoid exposure to all toxic elements if we want to remain or become HEALTHY. We must do the same with toxic ENERGY, avoid and protect against it. Yes ENERGY like TOXIC elements can also be a neurotoxin i.e. bad ENERGY, like microwave RADIATION!
Energy fields in and around your cells could make the difference in how much damage any toxins do to the cells of our body i.e. the ENERGY of the water we consume will most certainly make a huge difference!, The question that needs to be addressed…has the life force ENERGY our creator put into the water we drink and inside our body been messed with and ruined with harmful elements and harmful energy, because if we dont address BOTH of these issues, we will most certainly prematurely age and become diseased.
ALL life on this planet is created and sustained by the ENERGY carried in and around the water…water is the carrier for all key aspects of life i.e. oxygen, hydration, nutrient, cell communication and the protection from harmful elements and energy, as well as the removal of harmful elements in the body. Water also has memory, now stop and think what that could mean to the water you are now drinking. I read recently that a city in Southern California was going to use sewer water for their source water to run through their treatment plant to your tap. Let me bring to your attention there is no water filter being sold today that will filter out the BAD ENERGY in water today, that is coming out of the taps ALL over the civilized world!!!
The fact is ENERGY is life and life is ENERGY i.e. WHEN there Is an absence of any human energy there is NO LIFE. Children that are full of energy are full of LIFE! Aren’t they?
The life force energy in the water from our creator is created to, among many other things protect the cells from harmful things i.e. toxic elements and bad ENERGY i.e. microwave RADIATION


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