The Cholesterol Story

The cholesterol story was conceived and promoted by Big Pharma…a well planned lie told to the medical doctors. The medical establishment should not be trusted. It’s all driven by GREED and driven by Big Pharma, beginning in medical school.


Take responsibility for your own healthcare! Avoid pharmaceuticals and the doctor’s and hospitals that know nothing else but to prescribe drugs! Here is the foundation to build good health on…


It’s actually quite simple, being healthy is all about building and maintaining healthy cells.
Yes, it’s really that simple, I wrote about it over 40 years ago. Here is a summary from the seminar that I did for many years…”Focus on what it takes for a cell to be healthy and replicate healthy cells. Our body consists of cells. There are 6 primary things a cell needs to be healthy. How many people know what they are? I found in my seminars, not many did, in fact the majority over the years thought hydration was at the top of the list of cell needs. If you are seeking optimal wellness (pure wellness) you know and focus on providing all 6 cell needs. We must take responsibility to give our bodies proper support, as it’s created to take care of keeping itself functioning healthy.” The 6 things required for a Healthy Cell are: 1) LOVE ❤️ 2) Oxygen 3) Hydration 4) Nutrient 5) Toxins removed 6) Cell Communication.
Our job is to optimize those 6 things needed for a healthy cell.
I will tell you that water is the key to optimizing all 6. Keeping in mind that water was created by God to have memory, as well as provide Oxygen, Hydration, Nutrient into the cell and carry Toxins out, it is also the carrier of cell communication. This is why I add this Biogenic Activator to all my drinking water, as it optimizes the function of all 6 things on a cellular level:

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