Thousands gather in France, worldwide for annual march against Monsanto

Thousands of protesters gathered across France and in over 30 cities around the world to march against the activities of Bayer-Monsanto and others agrochemical giants on Saturday, while Monsanto lost its third lawsuit in the US.

Since 2013, environmental activists and other protesters have organised the annual March Against Monsanto in cities in France and across the world, demanding an agriculture free of pesticides and toxic agrochemicals.

The “bee rebellion against Bayer-Monsanto”, as signs read, took to the streets of Hamburg and Basel (Germany), Porto (Portugal), Toronto (Canada), Austin (Texas), San Diego (California), Santiago (Chile), Perth (Australia) and in some 30 cities in France on Saturday, urging governments for a greener and healthier agriculture.

In France, over 600 protesters gathered in Paris, with some “yellow vest” protesters joining the march, which started at Place de la République with Greenpeace, anti-globalization and Green-party activists. In Bordeaux, around 450 “yellow vests” joined 1,000 people in a peaceful demonstration, according to French authorities, and nearly 600 people marched in Lyon.

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