Toxic Foods Are Destroying Our Bodies!

Not just the from food we eat (GMO, roundup contaminated, highly processed, toxic chemical laced), also the air we breath (chemtrails etc.) The water we drink (toxic chemicals and now toxic energy (microwave radiation ie cell towers, WiFi, Smart Meters etc.) See my Pure Wellness page for more on all of the things that are robbing us of our good health and what we can do right now to address the effects of all these things on our bodies.

The vibrational life force is in the WATER, which is contained both in the food and in the body as water makes up the majority of both, which is why it is so critical to drink LIVING Water i.e. unprocessed rain water or to treat your processed and filtered water with the LIVING Biogenic activator that I use myself and include in all my protocols of treatment. It returns the vibrational frequencies of the life Force Energy back in to the water, exactly the way God intended them to be, we must drink His water! Yes, we absolutely need to drink LIVING Water to maintain a healthy life. LIVING WATER Activator: Have you ever stopped and thought…if I allow my body to be ruined …what am I going to live in for the remainder of my life i.e. what quality of life will I have?
“Let your health be your greatest wealth.” bg

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