Water is not just about the Chemistry but the Energy!

Did you know you are drinking DEAD WATER?d😞

It is important to differentiate between “purified water” (pathogenic) and “bio-active water” (biogenic).
Water purification systems, which utilize membranes and other technologies widely used throughout the world, create “purified water”. Though this “purified water” might be devoid of pathogens, it is lifeless water, or water that has little or no hydroplasm and can negatively affect our health in many ways, like compromising our immune system and slowing down our metabolism. This “purified water”, though it may have been conceived of with all good intention, can have patho-morphological consequences such as an increasing the amount of health imbalances in the world today.
Our Biogenic” Living Energy” water has a restored level of bio-activity because of the presence of hydroplasm, which can increase your body’s natural resistance to harmful factors. It has been proven that bio-active water can truly support your body’s energetic life systems. To achieve and maintain exceptional health one needs to consume Bio-Active liquids Learn more about our Biogenic Activator

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