What About Cancer?

I actually maintain a lifestyle and daily protocol that is intended to help the immune system destroy individual cancer cells before they colonize and form a tumor. Prevention is the wisest choice i.e. be proactive rather than reactive.
The first place to start is to remove all heavy metals and pathogens, then create an environment for immune cells to thrive and communicate optimally. I build all my protocols of treatment and prevention around the optimal hydration of cells, which is achieved by using this LIVING WATER Activator:
At the top of the list after LIVING WATER then MMS, CBD & Rick Simpson cannabis oil, ASEA and the seeds of SOUL, Mega liposomal C, diet changes, fasting, certain type of exercises. then individualize supplements.
The toxic EMF issue must absolutely be addressed! Daily grounding is very important to all healing. Must not be injected with any vaccines. If cancer has been diagnosed, the cause of the cancer MUST be identify and addressed as well! Bob Gannage PUREWELLNESS.ME PURE WELLNESS – Living Energy Water We cannot live without water is a well known fact. However, not enough attention is paid to the quality of water that we consume, other…

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