Time to reevaluate what you know, if all you know is the chemistry of water, I can tell you the most valuable learning about water is found in the physics of water i.e. water’s energy field.

Have you learned that water has memory? I suggest you start learning if you haven’t. You want to see the difference between LIVING ENERGY Water and DEAD Water …look at this comparative blood analysis:

The fact is that DEAD Water performs poorly in our bodies. See for yourself on this link. And if you want to learn about the memory of water go to the pure wellness site about and click on the story of water. Remember it wasn’t that long ago about why we should not drink tap water and now people are learning why not to drink DEAD water (tap/filtered/treated water)!
Learning is a process not a destination! We are always discovering new things about LIFE. Discover the amazing properties and benefits of LIVING ENERGY Water:

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